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Cyber Parental Guardians the Blog - Part 1

CPG 0001 01/18/2018

Who am I?

My name is Gary Payne co-founder of the Cyber Parental Guardians.

Why am I?

Before I take you back to the start, let me first introduce you to Betsy Walter Singer/Songwriter of the ‘Be Nice’ musical message.

click the link below to hear the song.

The Nashville Songwriters Association International motto is, "It All Begins With A Song." Betsy says, "It is all about the song.

Please contact Betsy directly if you would like credit and discography information.

Welcome to my first blog.

‘Be Nice' The theme song of the Cyber Parental Guardians. Betsy Walter, recorded this musical message for a school in her hometown to bring awareness to negative behavior among pre-teens. The campaign was a success and has spread through her county.

The Cyber Parental Guardians are now teaming up with Betsy to amplify this message on a global scale. Globally, we can reach and teach millions of families worldwide.

Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one.

Until all are taught.

Mark Victor Hansen

The term family doesn't stop with the parents, this unity of growth will require the participation of all caregivers of children including teachers, coaches and mentors at all levels and all ages.

Our goal is to affect our communities in such a positive way that you will not be able to avoid the inspirational wave washing over you. An inspiring mission purposed with the task of providing the best choices and opportunities for the younger generations to build upon. 

“Every story starts with an idea, but it is the characters that move this idea forward.”

― Michael Scott, The Alchemyst

December 2018

A few weeks before Christmas my daughter’s friend attempted suicide. This under normal circumstances would have been shocking. This particular situation however left me speechless.

Well that's not entirely true. The first thing that entered my mind and left my lips was "What on earth does a 12-year-old know about suicide?".

As the story unfolded it appeared that bullying was at the core of this tale.

The little girl had been bullied for an extended period of time. When this had become too much she told her parents. Following the school rules they reported this to the teacher. This was then escalated to level of the school counselor.

The counselor spoke with the girl and suggested if possible, to meet as a group and, talk to the bully. But first the counselor would need to meet with the bully. The hopes were that by fully understanding the reasons why the bullying was occurring they could then work on a solution.

The counselor met with the bully one on one and from the conversation that took place learned the bully herself was feeling neglected and suffering from a sense of worthlessness.

Relaying this information to the little girl and her parents they all agreed that both kids should meet with the counselor. During the meeting they found common ground. They agreed to a truce and for the first time in a while both found inner peace in their tiny little lives. Breathing a sigh of relief, the little girl went on with her life.

Believing the worst was behind her, she started her first bully free day at school. At lunch things took a turn for the worst.

Instead of one now stood three.

She was confronted by the ex-bullies’ friends. Yes, the bully had been replaced with three girls instead of one.

What do you do when following the rules of the establishment makes the situation worse?

She had turned to those in which she had been taught to place her trust, parents, teachers and the student counselor. Unfortunately, the reality was they failed her.

She was now alone. At least that is how I would have felt. Instead of the adults solving my problems I would have felt they had made them worse.

Alone and afraid and for one of the first times in her life, reality would teach her that life is not always fair.

If I had gone through the system and instead of the adults solving my problems they had made them worse, I doubt I would have turned back to the school a second time for help.

Neither did she........

Instead she suffered at the group's hands until the only choice that made any sense to her was to be

Away from the bullies

Away from the school

Away from her family

Away from this world

Away from everything she held dear including her life

For me that outcome is unacceptable.

Thankfully children are not very well versed in the act and she was not successful.

But she was successful in teaching me a valuable lesson.

One which I am sharing with you. It is my hope that by sharing this and other stories that will follow over the coming months, Your awareness on the younger generation will be raised. We will no longer be ignorant to the world of our children and how it has changed.

(One pre-teen succeeds in committing suicide every five days in America)

What I believed prior to this event was wrong.

As a father I would want to believe my daughter would come to me.

Dads can solve everything can’t they?

As a father I would hope the school in which I trust her safety for 8 hours a day would be able to prevent things like bullying from happening.

 They have laws they could enforce to stop this behavior, right?

As a father I would like to think the students would upstand and stop the bullying instead of being an audience, feeding the bullies need to validate their own worth.

Kids report any bullying they see don't they?

As a father I believe it's time to understand that the system in place is not working.

The schools need to be held to a higher standard. They are not just a factory producing the world's next workforce. As a father I believe we should pause, encourage, teach and support our children. As an educational facility the teachers in school should recognize and reward positive behavior. Emotional intelligence should be treated with equally significant recognition as academic education is currently. 

Stay tuned as we change the world.......

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