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Do kids need to learn to write with pen and paper?

As I look closer at the education system. Its design and its purpose I find myself stuck on this question. Do kids really need to learn how to write with pen and paper?

If we follow history schooling only came to be mainstream during the industrial revolution. Then all children in England were required (Yes Required) to attend school to obtain a basic education.


This was through the need for semi-skilled employees with basic skills. Not for the better of their own development but instead to serve a purpose.

In England around the 1950's and through the 1980's children were tested at the age of 11. This test was not a simple end of year exam but rather a test to determine your life’s outcome.

20% percent of industry was required to manage and run the businesses of the day. The rest were dammed to the life of the blue collar worker.

Was this fair?


Many children develop at different rates and stages of their lives but alas this was the model of the time. Although the core subjects such as science, Math and English are still relevant today we neglect many other educational subjects. We believe these to be the holy grail of education.


So I ponder this question for you all.

Pen and paper is it needed?

In this modern age of technology, we do not need to use pen and paper.

Imagine the trees that would be saved?

I believe we are validating our own educations by enforcing these caveman skills upon our children.

Many advanced formulae for engineers and scientists can be found on the internet. Simply plug in the number and like magic the data is generated. So maybe we need to move with the times and accept that our education is no longer relevant in the same way.

Maybe we need to focus on the WHY things are done as opposed to the HOW things are done.

Maybe we need to throw away our rule books and create an entirely new system so our children may become so much more than us.

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