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From 'Attitude' to 'Gratitude'


The LANGUAGE we use not only IMPACTS those around US, but also SHAPES who we are as individuals.

The #words we choose to use can have THE GREATEST IMPACT on our lives.


Ironically, we often do not give much thought to:

- what we say

- or how we say it.


Think about this for a minute.

Instead of HAVING TO do something, you GET TO do it.

This slight change in your language will slowly alter your #perspective.

No longer do you FEEL as though you are #required to do something,but rather now you have the #opportunity to do it.


“GET TO” implies a sense of #appreciation and #gratitude.

  • You get to go grocery shopping (many people do not have this privilege).

  • You get to go to work tomorrow (many individuals wish they had a job to go to).

  • You get to go to the gym (many people are physically unable to exercise or cannot afford a gym membership).

Instead of feeling an #obligation to do something, be #grateful you have the opportunity to do it.





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