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Hands-The Gift to find and discover God

Many a times many have asked me, is there God and if there is God, where can I find Him, and many a times we embark on a journey to find and realize Him, many of us might have embarked on this journey too, but to find God it is not necessary to visit religious places or attend spiritual discourse by preachers, they might be support to our spirituality but the end, and never assures that we might find God, there is a saying in Vedas, Ayang Mein Hasto Bhagwan" means my hands are my God, and is one of the best gift we own, why, because there are our hands through which we labor, donate, service, to pick who have fallen, to save who are drowning, to hug, to love, to touch, on the other hand, same hands can be used for destruction, building weapons, creating chaos and havoc to society,

The one who uses their hands to build nation, society and surroundings for good are hands of God, we are sculptures like God, using our hands we can create a beautiful painting or break a glass, to find God we do not need to travel around world, He is always within and through us we are allowed to create, create beautiful idol, paintings and life, the smile of universe is in your hands, and the day you use your hands to create a smiling world around you, on that day you might be able to see God,

Stay blessed,

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