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Intellectual "Properties"

I've personally noticed a lot of misused wordplay on social media and I'm pretty sure it's unintentional. I find that some people unknowingly use wordplay that is obviously programmed from past life abuse or insecurities. As someone who strives to be a Communications expert, I am constantly studying people daily. I pay very close attention to others communicate and how they interact. Growing up with ADHD, I have learned to reprogram my brain to make use of my excess energy, so that it does not turn into anxiety .

What is Wordplay?
"Wordplay is a literary technique and a form of wit in which words used become the main subject of the work, primarily for the purpose of intended effect or amusement. # Wikipedia"

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It's almost like my brain works in a three-dimensional fashion, meaning while I'm talking to someone, listening and thinking about what I'm going to say, another part of my brain is focusing on their demeanor, breathing patterns, facial expressions, eye movement and wordplay. I'm noticing, there are patterns that appear in social communications also. These patterns allow intellectual’s to easily predict someone’s chain of thought or next move, like how a weatherman detects weather, by using collected data that shows patterns of Cycles. This is just my regular programed thought process in any form of communications, that I have programed into habit. 

I can assure you, it's never personal, it's just how my brain works. In fact, every conversation that I enter, seems three sided, I like to think that is because I am extremely self-aware. In neuroscience they believe it to be impossible that one can use multiple sections of the brain simultaneously at 100% capability. I personally believe that with consistent practice it is quite possible. Humans one hundred years ago believe that trips to outer space and quantum computing was fiction as well, little did they know.

A view from within looking at the world

Sure, there is a proven disconnect from thought to action that occurs from a conscience point of view. I feel that this study was conducted on random people who only practice life experience from a conscience point of view. However, in my opinion, they fail to incorporate into the equation, that some people can step back into their subconscious mind while still contributing effectively consciously. This, is why we are able to drive and do other things at the same time. These Behaviors can sometimes be a bad idea because many people do it unknowingly.


When you focus on the understanding, and you are aware of what you're doing, it will allow you more control. Just like anything we do, with practice, we get better. Now, it is time to go deep! Believe it or not, knowingly jumping from a conscience to a subconscious state, helps to rapidly increase one's brain functions. Thus intern, making the individual smarter, faster. I highly recommend understanding entry level NLP and hypnosis, if a person is really interested in practicing this technique because it requires experienced self-talk.

Within my networking research, I read someone mentioned that they meditate 5 minutes at a time 10 times a day. If you are experienced at meditation you know this is simply a timeout and not actual meditation. Real meditation should last a minimum of 30 minutes. The reason for this is because one needs time to bring the brain out of an Alpha brainwave state, down to at least a Theta or close to a Beta.

At this time, your conscious level is nearly in a sleep state. Keep in mind, this is one of the best times for self-talk because the subconscious is more subjective to believing and reprogramming in whatever you tell it. This is one of the reasons that meditation is so effective because in this state, people that understand it know that it’s always best to enter this stage with positive vibes. Self-talk at this point is sometimes considered self-hacking so whatever our intentions are fuel by will determine the outcome.

Communications is key to fine tuning intelligence.

 The picture that I am trying to paint for you the reader, is that paying close attention to our own language is important to how we communicate with our inner self. If we allow a lack of understanding within our external skills, it will greatly affect our subconscious interpretation of the conscious world and cause emotional havoc. There is a reason you keep hearing others preach about the importance of the subconscious because it is our direct link to our God.

In my opinion, this is why religious people see their prayers answered, because they communicate directly with the subconscious with pure intent and clarity. The more people included in the prayers, the greater the link to our God, that is the greater universal consciousnesses true energy. Is it all starting to make sense now? Simply listening and allowing an intelligent yet subjective open mind set to manifest, will unleash super human powers if fueled by pure intentions.

Your mind is yours to program!

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