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Today society is threatened by a vast anti-human infrastructure that intentionally undermines our ability to connect.

- Money, once a means of exchange, is now a means of exploitation

- Education conceived as way to elevate the working class, has become another assembly line

- TV, the Internet & Social Media have only further divided us into increasingly atomized and radicalized groups stuck in artificially generated echo chambers.


- the invention of central currency

- the chartered monopolies of the late Middle Ages

But social change requires more than #knowledge of where we are and how we got here.

It requires an INTERNAL MINDSHIFT in #values, in #perception, and in the way we #understand what it means to be a human being.


If we understand human beings the way the market does – in terms of our ‘utility value’ – then all is surely lost before we’ve even begun. 

Machines will always have greater utility value than humans. 

And people are certainly an impediment to a marketplace where assets are abstractions of derivatives, not the stuff that sustains life. 

To the market, the derivatives on water are worth a whole lot more than water, itself. Well, I don’t buy that. And I know a lot of you don’t, either. 

It’s time we forge the solidarity we need to press for the human agenda – without shame or embarrassment.

People are cool, in our own weird, clumsy, and ambiguous way. 

The markets and technologies we’ve created are not new gods.  They are not our replacements, but mechanisms we’ve constructed to make our lives better, more just, and more meaningful.

We must engage in real-time, no-holds-barred discussions with people who are hacking the machine to make it more compatible with human life, and helping redefine what it means to stay human in a digital age.


If we are to resist and survive these out of control destructive forces, we must recognize that being human is a team sport.

In Rushkoff’s own words: “Being social may be the whole point.” 

Harnessing wide-ranging research on human evolution, biology, and psychology, Rushkoff shows that when we work together we realize greater happiness, productivity, and peace. 

If we can find the others who understand this fundamental truth and reassert our humanity―together―we can make the world a better place to be human.

We have to stop optimizing human lives for economic growth, and start optimizing the economy for human prosperity.

People who want to stop programming people for technology, and start programming technology for people.

The people I’ve come to call Team Human.

Looking to challenge the operating systems driving our society, reveal its embedded codes, and share strategies for sustainable living, economic justice, and preservation of the quirky nooks and crannies that make people so much more than mere programs.

It’s not too late to reclaim planet Earth for its people.

Team Human is where the #conscious beats the automatic triggered response.

An intervention by people, on behalf of people.

In the real world, we humans have the home field advantage.

Let’s use it.



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