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The Free Kid Movment

Although my website started as a promo tool to support my upcoming book. I decided to build a movement around my brand. Many people confuse me for using the name The Free Kid as another alias, but I consider all, who are of like mind in self-awareness and understand the powers of love and compassion to be The Free Kids. When we were all children before we knew better our minds and souls where pure, so anyone who has found their way back to this level of purity of heart and mind I refer to them as The Free Kids.

If you have not created an account yet, please do so. I would like to extend an offer to all members to become a content creator for my site and I will offer any coaching that I can. Even if you re-share content that was created for another social media platform. When you write a blog or add a video include the link to the original post, so that it creates a back link. If you are unaware of what a back-link is, I highly recommend looking into it especially if you are trying to expand your network or customer reach

The Free Kid Movement

Google uses a SEO algorithm that uses back-links to content, that works for you. This eventually increases your ranking in the google search engines. I will also be paying for advertisement and blogging through sites like Reddit to help increase traffic. Simply being a creator on my site will offer you free exposure that will be on the internet for ever, generating imprints that will add up over time. Please message me on my website profile account if you would like to create and share your content on my site.

Keep in mind all content must be related to, positive, motivational, self-awareness education, self-help, suicide prevention and loss, etc. The goal is to offer a ever-growing support chain of content to help others, especially those we consider hero's. Thanks everyone for subscribing and have an amazing 2019 and may all of your endeavors be fulfilled.

Best wishes,

Chris Walls #TheFreeKid /

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