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The Self Analysis

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Like Buddha, I often wonder off alone and sit under an old tree to clear my mind. Many who seek balance do not understand the algorithm that we use to dictate our outcome, that is the algorithm of the conscious and subconscious. I tend to find complete balance in what I call my defragment stage. In this time, I slow my mind to allow my subconscious mind to be distracted from the consciousness current focus. Often times, I do this through meditation, but on occasion, I do what I like to call a hard reset.

If you are wondering why I reference computer language in most of my work, it is because mankind has built computers in our image. Many of the processes found in computers also occur within the brain. What I have learned from studying algorithms and learning programming, is that computers are what we make of them and are designed to be highly accurate. They don't get distracted, they are directive driven and cannot make logical decisions that are not fed in some way, by human interaction.

In a hard reset, I remove myself from society with limitted interatction and zero distractions and stress for two weeks.
In a hard reset, I remove myself from society with limitted interatction and zero distractions and stress for two weeks.

With that being said, one will never be able to better the outcome of a computers processes without first understanding its code, the same applies with the human mind. These codes, believe it or not all stem from a basic core code of "if, what, when, where, why, who, etc.! These codes follow a set of laws given by the programmer, similar to the ones we use to control our own conscious outcomes. The difference is, we have an additional group of core coding called the emotions, that are driven by first, our survival instinct and then our god given choice of how we perceive things.

Think deeply for a moment, within the first few minutes of life on this earth, what occurs? First there is action and then there is reaction. So, originally each single action can only possibly have a single reaction within a one dimensional plain. I strongly believe that the theory based on a limited number of dimensions is faults. I believe that there are an infinite number of dimensions that we have simply ignored or not discovered yet. Take for instance, when there is a action of birth, the first reaction is shock. This and many other primal sensations, is what leads us to understand what we call emotions. If you have ever passed out and came to, then you know that the tingly sensation felt, is similar to the sensation of fulfilling a hunger.

Looking at how core emotions evolve into advanced emotions such as hate, compassion and humility. We can see that they are developed through our understanding and our understanding is fabricated from the original sensation that occurs from a simple action that can have an initial negative or positive charge. This is why it is important to pay close attention to everything we consume. The things we choose to consume all play a role in the path of unlimited possibilities that one’s emotions travels.

The algorithms applied in the human brain are identical to that of how computer software is written. If a person spends 10000 hours on consuming data without properly processing the information, then like a computer we can suffer a crash, potentially corrupting unprocessed information. When this occurs, the neurological system creates a traumatic event that is stored in the neurological system and can often create what is called behavioral problems. If you have not read my article on behavioral problems I highly recommended. I will include the link at the end of the article.

Over time, if a computer is not defragged and cleared of unnecessary disk space usage the hardware will begin to slow down and wear out. As will the engine block of a vehicle with 10,000 miles that has never had an oil change. It is just fact, an unsorted, dirty, cluttered environment will throw a wrench in any system. Conducting regular, proper maintenance is why some people have 12-year-old computers and 50-year-old cars that still run like new. Anytime a well-tuned system is inflicted with unnecessary friction it agitates the molecular structure and makes the system less stable until eventually the integrity fails, and the system no longer works.

I know you are probably wondering why I am talking about mechanics now? Everything that mankind creates reflects the creators in some way. Understanding this and making a habit of looking for similarities in the world and everything in it, will help make you a better programmer of oneself. We are all creators, created in the image of our creator, so if things are not going the way you would like, understand that it can all start with simply crating a single positive action, I recommend doing this at least once a day to develop habit. Having the right intent can lead to endless possibilities.

These possibilities are only limited to the level of understanding that you have over your choice in your own perception. The key to understanding self is found through the understanding of our own systems algorithm. Look at the Nerve fiber below, it is identical to that of a tree, hence the tree of life. The Neuron, cell body, Nucleus, Dendrites represents the roots, the Myelin the trunk and the Synapses the branches and the skin surface the leaves. Just something to think about!

“As above, should reflect as below!” #TheFreeKid
“As above, should reflect as below!” #TheFreeKid

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